Negative Essay On Paternity Leave

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Paternity leave It is well known that when a family has a child, the soon-to-be mother goes on maternity leave. Most soon-to-be mothers get approximately nine to twelve weeks off of work when having a child. But what we do not actually think about is whether a new father should get time off as well. Having a child is just as stressful on the mother-to-be as it is on the father-to-be. This is an up and coming issue in today’s society. Now that millennials, or our current generation of young adults are growing up, they are starting to push this idea in the work place because very few companies offer paid leave for new fathers. “Most fathers end up taking off two to three days of either sick or vacation time when having a child and this is not…show more content…
As reported by Deseret News, there was a study that occurred at the University of Austin Texas that did a report on how fathers felt about staying at home. During this study they found that “An increasing amount of men are shifting their ideas about what it means to be a ‘provider’ and most of those we surveyed seemed very content in their new role” (Desert News). This illustrations that the fathers are able to set work aside and focus on a roll of being a caretaker and be happy with it. There are many beneficial impacts on a man’s health. According to Fitpregnancy, “Women whose husbands take time off right away are less likely to be depressed three months post-birth” (Fitpregnancy). This is not the only issue that it can solve. Work alone can be stressful at times. Everyone needs a break from their boss and the work they do on a daily basis. Going on paternity leave allows fathers to get the break they desperately need. According to Care at Work, “Research indicates that companies willing to provide this type of benefit, as well as more flexibility overall, have more loyal employees, better staff retention and higher productivity levels” (Care at Work). This shows how a father taking paternity leave can be both profitable for both the workers and the employers. Being able to leave as well as this knowledge will provide comfort to the…show more content…
This confidence does not occur over night. It is no secret that dads have a negative stereotype when it comes to raising a baby. Countless films depict fathers useless when it comes to changing diapers or calming a screaming child. Being present for the first few weeks in a child’s life will give the father the confidence he needs to take care of the child when the mother is absent. Deseret News recorded that “Taking care of the family and raising the kids in the right ways will give dad an extra pat on the back, telling him that he did right by his family” (Desert News). Allowing the father to take care of them will make him feel like he did a good job raising them at the end of the day, even if he had to do it without

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