Negative Essay On Marijuana

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Marijuana is a misunderstood drug. Marijuana is also called cannabis, weed, ganja, Mary

Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms – is a greenish-brown dried, shredded subtending

leaves, dried flowers, and stem of the female Cannabis sativa – a hemp plant. Marijuana is sold

for medication purposes, and are mostly mixed with foods, such as candies, brownies, cookies, and they people who eats these kinds of food, is mostly called “space.” Using marijuana is consumed for its mental and physical effects, like

being high, or stoned, feeling of consciousness, relaxation, increase in appetite which helps

anorexic people. Some possible side effects could be having a dry mouth, red eyes, increased of

heart rate, lowered blood pressure, or short-term memory. Psychological
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long as their roots can sustain nutrients. Also, it can grow even without putting fertilizer or any

chemicals; and that’s what is great in the environment. In addition, cannabis has its ability to clean

toxins underground.

Hemp is what originally called for marijuana – is a plant when grown for its fiber;

extracted from the stem and used to make rope, stout fabrics, paper, fuel, food, plastic, composite

material, cotton and building material. And that could also be the reason why they don’t want to

legalize marijuana – may half or almost all of the company of the things mentioned may lose their

sales, it will deficit their companies. Why? Because people will take an advantage of these;

making their own things using marijuana than buying to the companies that sell these things so

expensive. Another thing that some people who disagree to legalize marijuana is they look

throughout in all the substances that could happen. It might addiction, overused, abusing the use,

and some other negative factors. But, in researching it is said that there’s no proof that it can

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