Negative Essay On Donald Trump

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After 229 years, it is time for a major change in the White House. The change needs to be different, confident, and positive. The change that is needed to be great again is Donald Trump. Trump is already changing America for the better and is likely to win the Republican general election with his skyrocketing support from Americans. Trump shakes the nation with his energizing force, which gets people’s attention. He should be the president of the United States for many reasons. He is different from a regular politician, his confidence is contagious, he is tough on immigration, he wants to return manufacturing jobs to America, and lastly, he has more a more aggressive trade stance than his competitors. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It is time to wake up and realize that change is what the country needs. Trump is perfect for this position because he is different from a regular politician. Trump told CNN last summer, "Politicians are all talk and no action. I 'm the opposite." He goes against the status quo of Washington D.C.…show more content…
Immigration is a big topic for Trump. He is strongly against illegal immigration because it costs American citizens jobs and also the government billions in subsidies to illegal immigrants. They also might increase crime. Trump will not let the U.S. be pushed around anymore. Countries have been taking advantage of our trade policies. Foreign countries can sell their products in the U.S. with no problem. On the other hand, U.S. companies have to jump through hoops to sell products in foreign countries. We have lost millions of jobs to China and Mexico because of this. Trump will use his negotiating power to make trade fair and to get manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. China also counterfeits a lot of our goods and steals our trade secrets by hacking companies. Trump will end that by getting tough on trade
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