Negative Essay: Are School Start Times Too Early?

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Are School Starting Times Too Early?
Researchers have proven that teenager’s brains don’t start working until ten in the morning, also that an average teenager is supposed to get eight to nine hours of sleep each night. These are a few reasons that school starting times are negatively affecting students learning abilities at school. I believe that schools should have later starting times. An average teenager is supposed to get eight to nine hours of sleep each night, however in reality most teens only get about seven hours. A lack of sleep is causing students to do worse on homework and tests. Our school starts at seven twenty-five, if it started two hours later, then students would be getting the exact amount of sleep that they need each night. A study shows that the brain doesn’t
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That means that the first three classes that students are learning in, their brain isn’t fully there. If a student has three of their hardest classes the first three hours of the day, then they really aren’t focused on what they are learning about. A 2015 survey finds that U.S. schools start “too early”. “Five out of every Six United States middle and high schools have starting times before eight thirty [in the morning]. [Starting before this time can reduce student’s efforts], adolescents who do not get enough sleep are more likely to become overweight, not [get] enough physical activity, suffer from depression symptoms, engage in inappropriate activities, and perform poorly in school” (Yeager). Sleep is needed for students to have good health, but they aren’t getting enough. If you walk into any school, you’ll notice that most of the kids that are trying to
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