Negative Essay

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There are almost two billion children in the world today, which means there is probably over two billion different ways to raise children. Mothers, fathers, aunts, grandparents, and all other guardians have their own style of how they raise their children. Whether they have one child or several they are going to be raised a certain way based on their own parenting style. This could include the parent’s morals, beliefs, values, and actions. But, could this effect the character or intelligence of the children they are raising? Could it be the reason why some children are so disruptive and violent in while others are not? Or could it be the reason why one child has straight A’s in school and a different child was held back a grade? Could it even be why some children get into trouble with the law and even drugs? Parents have an enormous effect and influence on their children, which effects their character, intelligence, and well-being.…show more content…
This is a completely unacceptable living condition for a child to be raised in. This child may start to think his or her parent’s behaviors and actions are normal since this is what the child is surrounded by. Then the child will start to think, “Hey mom and dad are doing drugs so it must be okay I should I too”. This is a terrible influence that this child’s parents have on them. Because now you have an innocent child that is using drugs because that is what his or her mom and dad are doing. If that child would have not been raised in a drug filled environment and rather a drug-free environment that child would not be doing drugs. This greatly relates to the parent’s influence on their child’s character that he or she has
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