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I believe that individuals are not simply a product of their past experiences, but rather a product of how they react, reflect, cope and what they take from their experiences. There are so many adults walking around who 's bad choices are truly a result of a misunderstood and hurt child. I 've seen this in my parents, sisters, grandparents, friends, and myself. It is truly tragic to watch other 's lives be controlled by events in the past simply because they never learned how to cope in a healthy way. At a very young age I learned to accept the reality that hurt people, hurt other people and to not take what others do to you personally. This helped me accept my parents poor behavior and allowed me to break the cycle of chaos I grew up in.…show more content…
A child should never have to feel unsafe in their own home or feel like it is their job to bring peace to an adult relationship. I knew my parents sins, but I still loved them both, and it was not fair to feel I had to choose between them. When I was ten years old, the state promised to strip parental rights away from both my mother and father if they continued their unhealthy marraige. Even though I was no longer in the middle of a war zone, my sisters and I were still used like grenades. My parents manipulated us constantly and seemed to completeley lose sight of how their behavior may affect us.
After four years of being tossed back and forth from parent to parent and house to house, I decided that I would not return to my father in the house I had grown up in. In his eyes it was absolute betrayel, but to me I was only choosing the less of two evils. The man I adored so much appeared to want nothing to do with me, and my mother remained trapped in her own pain constantly reminding me of how wrong my father was in all his choices. I had never felt so
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