Negative Effects on Raising the Drinking Age to 21 in the VI

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Buying and consuming alcohol legally varies from country to country. The legal drinking age here in the Virgin Islands is 18-years old. There have been countless amounts of debates on whether the drinking age in the Virgin Islands should be raised from eighteen to twenty-one. Those in favor of rising the drinking age believes there will be less alcohol related deaths and injuries from car accidents. On the other hand, I believe the drinking should not raised to twenty-one in the Virgin Islands because it deprives young adults of their rights, decreases revenue for the government and businesses, and causes a significant amount of illegal activities.
At the age of eighteen, a young man or woman gains most rights as an adult. A few rights of an eighteen year old varies from voting, being able to join the armed forces, serve in a jury, apply for a credit card, and much more. Turning twenty one brings only few rights that are not received at the age of eighteen-twenty. These rights consist of being able to adopt a child, allowed to get certain licenses, and to supervise a learner driver. (M. Yong) Raising the drinking age would make that right, one of the few that are not gained at age eighteen and would only infuriate eighteen-twenty year olds which would then lead to more problems and illegal activities. The drinking age is seen as a privilege rather than a right because having a low drinking age seems to have more of a positive effect rather than a negative one on the Virgin Islands.
However, Alcohol is a volatile flammable liquid that contains ethanol and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, sprites, and other drinks. Turning 18 gives these young adults right to legally buy and consume alcoholic drinks and foods i...

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...eaking and entering, etc. These ratings go up and spread a negative effect on the Virgin Islands due to a simple change of a law. These crime rates increase each year which defeats the purpose of becoming a wealthy and safe island to draw in tourist.
In conclusion, Raising the drinking age affects many aspects of the Virgin islands. We see that although it may bring the benefit of less alcohol related deaths and injuries from car accidents, it may cause more cons than pros due to the amount of areas being affected in different ways. It is best advised that the Virgin Islands legal drinking age should stay the same rather than being changed because young adults will continue to drink. Also, I feel it is best that the drinking age remain 18 because tourist view laws like these to be more laid back as a reflection to the laid back lifestyle that takes place in the VI.