Negative Effects On Child Abuse

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A lot of people don 't know what child abuse really is. There is a misconception that child abuse is only sexually. However, the reality is there’s a lot of types of child abuse that anyone can do to a child. Child abuse a dangerous situation, that can include sexual abuse, physical abuse, and it can happen in different ways.
Why would a person do that to a child? Child abuse can happen anywhere at any place. It mostly happens in families who are under a lot of pressure or little of social support. Things like drug or alcohol abuse and even poor housing can lead to child abuse. Some parents don 't notices when their child is being abused or not. They have a lot of symptoms that they are passing through. Some of this kids are very unhappy
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physical is when someone hits you in a way that it can hurt the body. Physical can make a child feel frightened, depressed, isolated. Some of this kids that are being physical abuse they feel like harming their bodies and even run away from home not knowing where their next destination is going to be. “Sometimes, when we are used to something happening, it feels like it is part of normal life.” ( When a child is being abused for a long time they get used the pain and the beating that they do to them. The kids think that is apart of their everyday activities but they don 't see how bad is it for them. Some of those kids think that it 's their fault that they are getting abuse, but it’s not their fault. Some of the consequences that a child might have when they get physical abuse is showing or using aggression with other people, since the child see that they are being physically abuse they think it 's right for them to hit someone else or abuse them. It is really noticeable when a child is being physically abuse they would have marks in their bodies such as bruises or wounds that weren 't not made from a fall. “Physically abused children might have unusual injuries to particular sites on their bodies that are not usually subject to injury, such as…show more content…
“Emotional abuse can involve deliberately trying to scare or humiliate a child or isolating or ignoring them.” ( One of the simple things that can hurt a kid the most ignoring them. Kids need their parents attention every minute of their life if they don 't get that attention most likely they think that their parents are mad at them. Emotional abuse can be humiliating in front of your friends, other people controlling their every day move. pushing a child so much in things that they don 't want to do, not allowing them to have friends or even choosing their friends for them. A child needs to feel safe having his friends that they can trust not friends that they choice for them. There 's a point where every parent worries about their kids friends, but parents need to learn how to trust them to do the right thing with their friends. The most thing that kids love anything in this world is their parents, kids like when parents show them love without that love can mess up a kid. The reason emotional abuse can happen in a home is because of tension, like money problems or unemployment. When problems like this happens in home, parents take their anger out at their kids. Most parents find it difficult to understand why their kids act a certain way or why are they acting bad, but is because they don 't pay attention to their kids.
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