Negative Effects Of Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is a widespread phenomenon affecting the victim, their family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and bystanders, and has serious consequences on organisations, costing the Australian economy between $6-$36 billion dollars per year (Vickers, 2014). In addition, 25 to 30% of employees will be a victim of bullying at some point during their work lives, with 10% of employees being bullied at any given time (Vickers, 2014). Due to the prevalence and severe negative effects of bullying, it is highly important for HRM to ameliorate workplace bullying in the organisation through implementing policies and training, and changing corporate culture.

Workplace bullying is the repeated mistreatment of an employee or group of employees, which
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(2012) found that the workplace environment is a stronger contributor than the perpetrator’s personality to workplace bullying. HRM can therefore play a role as a cause of workplace bullying, since bullying is embedded in organisational design elements. This is supported by Leon-Perez et al. (2015), who suggests that workplace bullying results from inadequate working conditions. In particular, the presence of stress in the workplace is found to be the biggest contributor towards workplace bullying, and a significantly high correlation was found between bullying and time pressure, uncertainty, and organisational problems (Appelbaum et al., 2012). A workplace in which employees feel they are unable to do their job and/or meet work objectives due to lack of resources, ability, or time, and a noisy work environment or fierce competition between employees could lead to stress, frustration, anxiety, low morale, dissatisfaction with the working situation, and a politicized climate. A culture that values competition also promotes mobbing in the workplace, and a hierarchical culture in an organisation with a strong emphasis on control was also found to have a high correlation to bullying (Pilch & Turska,
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