Negative Effects Of Violent Media

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While violence is not new to the human race, it has proven to be an increasing epidemic in everyday society. Researches debate on what can be the trigger for violent outbreaks. Despite this popularity, violent media arouses much controversy as some believe violent media leads to aggression in children. These individuals also believe violent media can “lead to general increases in aggressiveness over time” says author Craig A. Anderson in his article “FAQs on Violent Video Games and Other Violent Media”. However, there is another side to this much-debated topic, and it is expressed eloquently by author Gerald Jones who wrote “Violent Media is Good for Kids.” Jones claims although violent media is a controversial issue this media can have more of a positive effect on children than a negative one. These positive effects include: inspiring confidence and bravery in children, guiding them through entertainment, and providing children an outlet for anger. Violent media can inspire confidence and bravery…show more content…
Most parents struggle when trying to relate to their children, especially when those children grow to become teenagers. It is normal for children to rebel against their parents as they try to form their own independence. Violent media provides parents with the opportunity to use story telling as a way to show healthy guidance through entertainment. Others debate as to whether this kind of media is filling children’s head with violent thoughts, and provoking them to act out on these thoughts. This is a valid point. A troubled individual may decide to act out on ideas picked up through violent media. However, the study that the majority of violent media has helped children “meet their emotional and developmental needs” (Gerard Jones, para. 8) is worth considering. Violent media has the potential to guide far more children than it can hurt (Gerard Jones, para.
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