Negative Effects Of Technology And Its Effect On Children

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Technology and Its Effect on Children

Technology and its many forms are used all over the world, almost every minute of the day, to perform tasks in a normal everyday routine. We pay bills online, buy clothing and other items, receive daily news, and keep in constant communication with all of our loved ones and friends. “ One in four teens are cell-mostly internet users, who say they mostly go online using their phone and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer “. According to a nationally representative survey performed on eight hundred and two teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen, seventy-eight percent of teens have a cell phone and of that seventy-eight percent, almost half have smartphones. “ More than five-hundred million people communicate and keep in
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As humans have started to rely more on technology, children have begun to be even more reliant. Forms of technology such as laptops and cell phones are constantly being manufactured and developed for kids as young as five. As an example, Leapfrog manufactured some products for children that resembled the modern day tablet that adult’s use. With so much reliance on technology, parents, and other adults have raised concern on whether the exposure has a positive or negative effect on children. A positive effect of technology on children is that it actually prepares children for the adult world where so much technology is used. “ Sixty percent of jobs in the market are technology related, and children need the tech advantage to be successful in such an environment “. But others believe that technology stunts growth both mentally and socially, as well as that it causes health issues to rise from children not putting it aside to get physical exercise. Both sides make a valid
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