Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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Social networking is a major part of modern-day society. Facebook, the world 's largest social network, has more than a billion users. With such a large part of the world population using social networks, social networks have a large influence in the world. A debate has surfaced over whether social networks affect the world positively or negatively. Although the heated debate has been going on for several years, social networks have yet to receive a decline in users.
Social networking has been around a little over a decade. Social networks create connections between people through the use of the Internet. In 2003, LinkedIn and MySpace became the first social networks to achieve major success. LinkedIn was primarily focused on connecting business people, and MySpace was focused on connecting people in English-speaking countries. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook on the campus of Harvard University in 2004. Ease of use and numerous
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Tefukci argues in his article, “Social Media’s Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships,” how social media connects a world divided by geographic obstacles and different ways of life. According to Tefukci, social media increases human connectivity and makes face-to-face communication stronger.
An opposing argument has been presented by tech enthusiast Marcos Suliveres. Suliveres explains in his article, “Social Media: The Death of Real World Interaction?” how social media negatively affects human relationships, and causes face-to-face communication to be less valuable to humans. He focuses on the importance of direct communication, and how social networks provide a false sense of connection. I will focus on two aspects of the social networking debate: human connectivity and face-to-face communication.
What are the Effects of Social Networking on Human
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