Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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With an ever increasing use of social networks and technology by a rising generation that has never seen the days when mobile devices did not exist, comes an increase in the risk of children falling prey to other’s evil designs. We must prepare our children for this mine field, that is social networking, and protect them from people and things that are not always as they seem. Social networking sites have given rise to undesirable character traits in teens such as narcissism, bullying, risk-taking and power seeking. Social networks have also led to increases in stalking, blackmail, and people trying to take avenge of each other.
Adolescence can be a hard time in many peoples’ lives, trying to discover who they are. For many teens this time
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Three quarters of mental illness happen between the ages of 14 to 24 (Lifetime prevalence and age-of-onset distributions of DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication). Poor mental health can lead to kids doing poorly in school, substance abuse, violence and other unhealthy activities. When you add social media to a time when people are mentally vulnerable can lead to suicide and attempts to commit suicide. Bullying has become a problem on social networking sites among teens which leads to feeling of loneliness and depression. Too much use of networking sites can also lead to loneliness and depression. These feelings have led teens to make attempts on ending their lives (Social networking sites and mental health problems in adolescents: The mediating role of cyber bullying victimization). Other less final side effects of too much social media is addiction to social media and the need to check the phone every five minutes. It can lead to narcissism and feeling the need for others to know them. This can be the reasons for the overwhelming amount of selfies on the internet. They crave attention and don’t care who will give it to them which can lead to unwise decisions when it comes to security. This also leads to crazy and wild posts of bad behavior like drinking, as teens try to outdo each other for attention (Social networking sites and mental health problems in adolescents: The mediating…show more content…
Researchers state that the role of parents is “most important” in helping teens develop good online attitudes and habits. Parents have the power to shape their child’s online use and consumer habits by having discussions with your child before they get a social networking site. When setting up the sites help them set the privacy settings on high or if they already have social networking sites check the privacy setting on them. (Teens’ concern for privacy when using social networking sites: An analysis of socialization agents and relationships with privacy-protecting behaviors). As a generation that remembers a time before handheld devices, it is your job to make sure to research and stay up to date so that you can have a conversation about social media dangers. It may feel like this new generation of teens is pioneering forward with new technology and you are falling behind. If you do not stay current with the new technology the rift between what they know and what you know will get bigger, your teen with be less likely to listen to you about security issues. That’s why staying current with new technology helps you protect your children and you can have a better understanding of what your teen is talking about when it comes to technology. (Exploring the Role of Parents and Peers in Young Adolescents’ Risk Taking on Social Networking Sites). Have your own social networking
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