Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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Social networking has provided us with many ways to keep in touch with others. Was the use of social networking positive or negative to this society? Social networking has contributed a lot to us. From email to YouTube to Facebook and many more, there have been many positive implications of social media that overall outweigh the negative. Without the use of social networking and all it has contributed to us, we would not be where we are today, making it a positive force to humankind.

People have always wanted to communicate with each other and have traveled long distances just to speak with whom they needed to. The longer the distance, the harder it was to communicate. Some people lived too far, which just made it impossible to talk, but throughout time, people came up with various ways of communicating; through light signals, telephone or even pigeons. Eventually, social networking was invented. In 1971, the first email was sent and from here, social networking has evolved in many ways. This has affected our society positively because otherwise, means of communication would still be limited to the inconvenience of light signals or pigeons. Some people may use social networking in a way that negatively affects their life, but a majority of people put it to very great use. Social networks have provided us with multiple ways of communication when long distance was a problem.

Social network sites are very useful to this society. It has provided us with a numerous amount of ways to do things that we would not be able to do without it. One of the many things that social networks allow us to do is communicate with friends, families and even colleagues who live far away from us. Communication over social networks is much faster th...

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...n and it broadens the means of learning and announcing breaking news. It eliminates face-to-face awkwardness when trying to initially meet people, allows for reconnections across the globe, as well as it offers ways to be discovered and opportunities to broadcast talents and ideas. Regardless of the few negative, but amendable implications, like, the possible overuse or over-reliance of social media, the possible publication of falsified information, the possible harm from online offenders, social networking is essential to our society today. With all the positive and refutable negatives, it is understood that social media is still overall fundamental to our modern, daily lives. You can conclude that without the use of social networks, so many things can not be done easily, or otherwise take too long of a time to be done, further explaining to our society today.
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