Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media’s Negative Impact Paper

Research Question:
How do social media negatively impact teens?

Review of Literature: Social media may seem appealing and unharming, but social media can impact teen

lives in a negative way. Social media can lead to teen suicides, trust issues, multiple

conflicts, devastating outcomes, and bad reputation status. Many tragic accidents are a

result of social media. Teens with developing minds are exposed to a world they do not yet


According to Jung (2016) social media is a world full of negative exposure. There is

less productivity in people, and they feel like their life doesn’t matter, a result of this feeling

is suicidal thoughts, which in extreme cases leads to suicide. Social media bullying
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Students who participate in social media tend to have lower grades

than kids who don’t. Social Media interactions create stressful life situations that many

kids cannot handle well. Many social media using teens have lower chances in college

admissions, so they often end up leading an unhappy future life. In America 2/3 of workers

are laid off based on what they say on social media apps such as twitter, facebook, kik,

instagram, snapchat, and etc. Social media supplies false information that can affect the

way you do a certain task. In conclusion says social media affects the way your

future life will carry out.

A third writer, Needa says that social media has many negative outcomes that can

easily be prevented. Social media causes insecurities which can result in wrong opinions

of people. Social media spreads false rumors that will ruin reputations which will make

them feel embarrassed for something they didn’t do. Social media is part of the reason

homes are robbed, and the reason why stalkers know where you are. Social media
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