Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Using social media not only may lead to violent behavior but also has caused both emotional and social changes. Social media, especially Facebook, has resulted in students becoming heavily addicted to social media, and while many individuals would argue that drugs and/or alcohol are more addictive than social media or that social media addiction is not a huge problem, the fact is that social media is addictive and potentially problematic (Ann, 2011). Students that utilize social media on a regular basis may lose their ability to engage in meaningful face-to-face communication (Albury & Crawford, 2012). Even if the world is currently turning to technology, students must be able to converse in the real-life setting. Most social media websites have become highly famous for cyberbullying, and this has become an unfortunate trend in society. Students may write hurtful messages about their fellow students, which may scare the bullied students for extended periods (Albury & Crawford, 2012). Another issue with social media is that it has become impossible to know whether the students will utilize this medium in a constructive way. Privacy and Identity Concerns Social media…show more content…
Involvement in social media has provided a pleasant diversion from important intellectual pursuits. Students are permanently distracted and therefore have shorter attention spans (Boyd, 2014). Chou et al. (2009) states that many teachers are also worried that the increasing number of people that use social networks are using text speak or social networking chat in place of proper English grammar. The research by Beckjord, Moser, and Hesse (2009) also concluded that most students with poor grades in colleges are those that spend the most time on social media sites. This has caused significant distractions during instruction time and has had an adverse impact on the learning environment (Boyd,
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