Negative Effects Of Smartphones

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You wake up to the alarm on your smartphone, you then use that smartphone to mentally prepare for that day by checking the weather, Twitter, and Facebook. Maybe send a few SnapChats while you’re at it. It is difficult to part with your phone while you shower, but you still listen to the music coming from the surprisingly loud iPhone/ Android/ Windows phone speakers. It is then time to get dressed, but not before you ask the group message what everyone else is wearing. Then you get in the care and plug in your phone to the useless radio, because you have thousands of songs ready to stream, and your in charge of the content. The cycle of check phone, connect to every aspect of the world, continues throughout the day, and the nervous twitch I…show more content…
One survey showed that 66 percent of people are actually afraid to lose or be separated from their smartphones. Also, research indicates that unhealthy levels of radiation that certain smartphones produce can harm both society, and its user. The smartphones can be a perfect source for the transmission of germs and bacteria. Research showed that smartphones were high in coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria is caused by fecal contamination. Smartphones are becoming more and more of an addiction for users, similar to that of drugs or alcohol. A study conducted in 2013 showed that unplugging from technology completely for 24 hours can result in physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and isolation. Smartphones can also affect an individuals quality of sleep, and time of rest. Three quarters of smartphone using students at Stanford University sleep with a smartphone on bed, creating quite the distraction during designated sleeping…show more content…
According to a study of 1,000 people in the U.K., 66% of the population fears losing, or being without their phones at any given time. A major symptom of nomophobia is anxiety. No, you didn 't just get a text message! A professor at Indiana University found that 89% of the undergraduates in her students experienced phantom vibrations when their phones weren’t actually vibrating. This phantom vibration could also be linked to

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