Negative Effects Of Scary Movies

Movies have a strong impact on society, especially movies that are terrifying to watch. Most people do not like to miss out on the lasted movies that just come out in theaters, so the desire to watch new movies is to be highly pleased. Scary movies more than any other genre, has the tendency to spike the adrenaline on a person. With the curiosity of knowing how affective the amount of horror in the film will set upon an individual is one of the reason why scary movies are most often seen. Although scary movies are set to have a negative effect upon individuals; they also consist of providing small amount of benefits upon an individual. Two of the most important things to consider after a horror movie is to keep a stable mind that most scenes…show more content…
Whether a male or female is considered to be the bravest out of the relationship, terrifying movies will eventually conquer destruction in the human mind and system without realizing it. After watching a scary film, a person may develop mental trauma, behavioral changes, and insomnia which in fact is not healthy for a person to live by. That is to say, scary movies have multiple effects upon people which will ruin their life’s completely no telling what they would be capable of doing. Mental trauma generally develops on a person after viewing disturbing images such as: dead bodies, protruding bones, and massive bruises (Effects). People who see disturbing images may become stressed and develop a variety of health issues that have ultimately been discovered by psychiatric professionals. Certain health issues such as high blood pressure and anxiety along with post-traumatic stress may result within a person and may come across critical…show more content…
Scary movies may not be the most favorite by the people, but once they have captured a good scary movie, scary movies will become addicting. Knowing that addictions may come very unhealthy towards a person, living with a lifestyle of just sitting back watching television all day may get pretty serious and very overrated. Once obtaining in an addiction, it is really difficult to snap out of the addiction as it progresses in the human body. With this sign of awareness, behavioral changes will then appear to result on a person once again. Violence does not always have to be the salvation to many things, but in an addicted person’s mind, violence is the only solution to everything. Repulsive actions on television contributes to a person; likewise, a person with an addiction with television will admire to become the bully or serial killer as shown on TV. As an addition to the violence, the pleasure of being scared by horror movies has the tendency of rising a person’s adrenaline (Effects). In that matter, having a high capacity of unstoppable adrenaline rushing in the body, the actions taken towards violence and an addiction must be almost impossible to clear from a person’s

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