Negative Effects Of Radioactivity

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What are the positive and negative effects of radioactivity in society today? Certain elements are radioactive, some occur naturally like uranium, and some are made in labs artificially. When atoms of an element decay they release radiation, this process is known as radioactivity. The remains of the broken atoms become smaller atoms of a different element. Radiation occurs when radioactive elements break apart. Radiation is very dangerous because it damages living things. There are three types of radiation, these are alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. They are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha (a), beta (β), and gamma (ϒ). These particles and rays are produced by radioactive elements. Alpha particles are made of 2 protons and two neutrons that have separated from the nucleus, they are positively charged. Beta particles are usually made of one electron and a neutron, and have a negative charge. Gamma rays are a different sort of radiation. They are made of a stream of tiny particles called photons. Photons include the same particles that make up rays of light and are packets of energy. Gamma rays are very dangerous because they carry a lot more energy than the light people can see but are still invisible. Also released by radioactive elements are X-rays, they are similar to gamma rays but contain less energy. The purpose of this essay is to explain the positive and negative effects of radioactivity in society today. Main Body Radioactivity is used in many ways today. Some of these ways include Nuclear power plants, X-rays, sterilization of medical instruments and food, and some of the isotopes are used in the treatment of cancer. Nuclear Power plants run on nuclear fuel. Nuclear fuel is commonly ... ... middle of paper ... ...therapy during the course of their treatment. Radiation therapy only provides one major positive ethical effect. This effect is that radio therapy lowers risk of relapse and distant change. However Radio therapy provides multiple negative ethical effects. Radio therapy increases the risk of observational problems. Delay of surgery may cause anxiety in some patients Conclusion In conclusion radioactive substances are used in many ways today. These ways include the productivity of electricity, sterilization of items, and in the treatment of some cancers I believe that radioactive substances shouldn’t be used, even after considering the help it gives us. The risks of using radioactivity outweigh the benefits they provide to us. For example nuclear power plants cause catastrophic health risks on miners. These risks are as bad as death due to exposure to radioactivity.

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