Negative Effects Of Media Violence

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Media Violence: A Negative Influence on Young People A massive amount of violence is being displayed in the media and has become harder to avoid. Violence is everywhere. We experience it in various ways, such as rap music, television, or first person shooter video games. We hear rap music and remember the vicious lyrics. We constantly watch celebrities commit crime on television and observe people being slaughtered multiple times a day. Youth can virtually do the slaughtering of the other characters while playing first person shooter video games. These forms violence in our media is overwhelming. To hear, to see, and to virtually experience the negative actions have a negative affect on the youth, especially if more than one of these influences are being experienced by the same individual. Drugs, poverty, and an unstable home life are some of the already factors that influence violence; if the already known factors are combined with media violence, “the result is an explosion of violent crime in any nation in which it takes place” suggests Lt. Col. David Grossman (par. 3). Most people who are often exposed to violence would argue, “Not all people who are exposed to media violence are murderers.” This is true, but most murderers have had some involvement with violent video games, rap music, or television. Kids tend to mimic the actions of others whether they are good or bad. For example, if a kid witnesses someone bullying someone else, they will, more likely than not, join them. Why wouldn’t this be the same if they observed someone committing violent actions through media? Some might also argue that the murder rate has decreased throughout the years. Grossman recommended looking at the assault rate rather than the murder rate be... ... middle of paper ... ... murder other characters in a game is more powerful than most think. Video games are the most effective form of media violence there is and the impact it has been having should not be ignored. A massive amount of violence is being displayed in the media and has become harder to avoid. Violent thoughts often start from a bad life at home, in society, or from drug use and many other reasons. After someone has these vicious thoughts, all they need is that extra tripper to push them over the edge. Media violence could be that trigger. Media violence has an impact on many young people, especially those who already have a mindset of anger or depression. To see, to hear, and to virtually experience violent actions is a whole new level and should not continue to be overlooked. Everyone who plays video games is not a killer but the majority of killers play the video games.
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