Negative Effects Of Information Technology In Business

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The positive and negative effects for information technology in communication in business. Information technology (IT) has revolutionized the way in which the world communicates to each other. Since the beginning of the 20th century, most of the communication means and ways were developed or changed completely by using IT in many fields of the human lives. In previous years, means of communication was restricted to posting and receiving ordinary mails or making calls through office landline telephones, but the mailing system was not rapid enough and the person had to be physically staying in office to be able to make phone calls. However, Business people now have a variety of better choices. Nowadays, worldwide businesses utilize in such high technology implements as notebooks replaced enormous computer, e-commerce replaced face to face in person meeting, high efficient e-mail system replaced slow letter mailing and mobile phone replaced landline telephone. Consequently, many aspects of commerce will operate less effectively without the use of these technologies. This essay will focus on the impact of IT on business communication because the changes have been so great and notable. The essay will argue that IT has brought both positive and negative changes to communication in business dealings. There are many business owners who rely on using these great intelligence technologies every day. Traders are able to keep up with their customers in four more convenient ways. First of all, business people are being able to talk directly and instantly with other customers across the world online through e-commerce , secondly, Mobile and portable notebooks prompt working hour and workplace to be flexible and adjustable. Finally, utilizat... ... middle of paper ... ...o help business people keep in touch with customers more closely. In the meantime the Notebooks are more easily stolen or lost than desktops and customers may also make crucial comments about security on e-commerce trading facility. Furthermore, there is a new breed of super viruses are latent in the content of e-mail. List of references Denton, ¬¬¬¬J 2002, ‘Superviruses threaten email’, The Australian, February 26, p. 1. Dibben K, 2009, ‘Hi-tech crime: phones hit by virus’ The Sunday Mail, June 28, p. 27. Harmes, B 2007, The computer: a revolution in communication, pp.1-5. Preece, J 2002, Online communities: designing usability, supporting sociability, John Wiley & Sons, Weinheim. Energy star: desktop vs. laptop, public institutions , viewed 19 November 2010,
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