Negative Effects Of Heroin

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Heroin takes its users to a world all of its own. Heroin is a drug that helps people slip into a different state of mind and allows them to live in a false image of their world. It allows them to go to a whole different reality where they can feel amazing and not give a care in the world, until they come down that is. After that warm fuzzy feeling is slowly fading away it gives the person the sudden back to reality feeling that leaves them confused and lost. To heroin users that 's the real world and this world is just a nightmare. This is why many users are uninterested until they get their next fix. These feeling and emotions they get might be the reason why heroin abuse has increased. With its increase there may soon come a day where it becomes so uncontrollable allowing it to become an epidemic that could be too great to stop.

Recent surveys suggest that heroin use is a growing web that is only getting thicker. According to “National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), “in 2012 about 669,000 Americans reported using heroin in the past year, a number that has been on the rise since 2007.” However teenage use is on the decline. According to the same survey heroin use among the
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Most people think of heroin users as just junkies on the streets. However the impact is much greater than that. There is costs associated with crime such as incarceration. In turn the cost of incarceration raises the costs of legal fees, policing, and social welfare. Another social impact that heroin has is lower productivity rates. Heroin users have lower earnings and also bring the unemployment rates up.The unemployment rate being up also again raises the incarceration rate. Heroin also impacts health systems such as costs of treatment of aids, pregnancy issues and treatment centers. Heroin has been connected to weapons violence and terrorism. Basically heroin has a devastating impact on