Negative Effects Of Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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“Do gender stereotypes in the media have a negative impact in society?”

On a daily basis we are subjected to a society that continuously uses stratification to divide members of the population into subgroups, such as; location, sexuality, disability, age, class, ethnicity, race and gender, and in which disadvantages, exclusions and privileges associated with such categories are unevenly distributed. Due to this, we are forced to question if gender stereotypes in the media have a negative impact in society?

Gender stereotype in the media promotes more conservative, heteronormative views on what gender is. The stereotypes also promote a very binary view on gender; you’re either a stereotypical man or a stereotypical woman, nothing in between. Luckily, the media is also changing; nowadays, with more celebrities identifying as non-binary, not confirming gender, transgender, and also having non-hetero sexual preferences, we’re just beginning to see the diversity of human beings when it comes to gender and sexuality.

To fully understand the gravity of the impact however, it is first important to full grasp the power and influence of the media generally. “Never believe
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Now, for a introspective, philosophical, psychologically-aware human being – seeing a topless woman in the newspaper doesn’t consciously (or sub-consciously, if you properly address it), leave the lasting impression that “women are objects” – however, again, the overwhelming majority of people, although capable, don’t consciously address the meaning of the content and imagery that they are presented with in the media. So, for a huge amount of people, when they see a topless woman in a paper full of men in suits, sports starts and the like – the impression they are left with could be one of “women are good to look at.” This is clearly not a positive, gender-neutral theme to put out into the

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