Negative Effects Of Fast Food

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Over 25% of Americans consume fast foods every day and over $100 billion is spent on fast food every year. All you think of is the convenience of it and how tasty it is but have you ever wondered how it is made and what effects it has on you? Fast foods are prepared with high levels of sodium and fat, bringing people back for more and more. Fast food is a bigger part of the American diet than you may think. These frequently consumed meals bring many negative effects upon us, including health issues, a poor environment and social problems. People all over the world are suffering from obesity and heart diseases, two of the main causes of deaths today. Every breath you take may contain polluted air coming from chemicals used to make packaging for fast foods. Yet even with all this negativity towards fast foods, it does have a good side by bringing in money for the economy of the United States. Hence, with fast food consumption come not only the bad but also the good.
Fast food has played a large role in American health today. Obesity is one of the world’s leading problems in our health today in people of all ages. More than two-thirds of adults and about one-fifth of all children are now overweight or obese. One out of every three Americans face obesity and it’s caused mainly by the unhealthy foods that people consume daily. In fast foods, there are high levels of sugar and fat, which are the main causes of obesity. From these fats and sugars, calories are taken in and when they aren’t burned off, it is stored as extra fat, causing many to be overweight.
Obesity is also the beginning of many other diseases and health problems. One would be type 2 diabetes. People can develop this illness if the body does not produce enough insulin ...

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.... There is no nutritional value to fast foods. In fact, they only cause trouble, bringing health issues to Americans, resulting in many deaths as well. With fast foods also come help and harm to the economy. While fast food chains bring in money for our economy from its businesses and its donations to charities, the money Americans spend on fast food, the medical costs and the amount spent on advertisements results in a decreased economy. Poor environment and social problems, such as low self-esteem and depression are yet other effects from the production of fast food. With all these disadvantages and few advantages that fast foods bring, do you really want to be that food in your mouth? Is it really worth the pain and suffering from poor health just to eat that tasty but completely unhealthy food? Keep that in mind the next time you enter a fast food restaurant.
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