Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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It is a beautiful day outside as you are walking along a sidewalk. Suddenly you bump into the person of your dreams. A few weeks pass and you find yourself falling in love. Sooner than later, you decide that this is the one. So, you get married, you have children, you are happy and everything seems to be sailing along great. Although your marriage has its difficulties, you work through them and work toward a happy ending. All your children are well behaved and smart with promising futures. Then, all of a sudden, the “spark” extinguishes and your once perfect, happy home feels like a war zone. You and your spouse are continually disagreeing and fighting about insignificant things. The children are bewildered and sit back watching with despair.…show more content…
Children today are busy with friends, sports, and other circular activities. There are countless opportunities and dreams which most children only imagine accomplishing. What if one day, that was all to change. Suddenly, their life is a complete mess. Children and teens are not mentally prepared to withstand a divorce between the two people they think can get through anything. It is not fair for someone so innocent to have their world completely flipped upside down and their life changed forever. Divorce can change not only the child’s life, but also the way they talk, think, and behave. Focus on the Family points to a decline and a regression in a child’s behavior which includes drug use, crime, and sexual behavior because of divorce. Grades tend to drop and the likeliness of graduation is diminished. “Negative attitudes become apart of their life and fantasies begin to play a role” (2006-2007). According to the author Desia, in her article about how children are affected by divorce, she…show more content…
You don 't look fine!” “I said I’m fine! Leave me alone!” Relationships are the most important thing in a child’s life, but can be tremendously affected by divorce. Whether it be with a family member or a friend. Relationships can be challenging when put in front of a child from divorced parents. It causes trust issues for the child and it also affects the way they think and feel about their future relationships. A team of people from the cite of Marripedia (2008) say: Parental divorce often leads to low trust among children, and those who casually date exhibit the strongest effects of parental divorce, suggesting that the repercussions of parental divorce may be in place before the young adults form their own romantic relationships. The divorce of their parents makes dating and romance more difficult for children as they reach adulthood (pg. 1, para.
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