Negative Effects Of Competitive Learning

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According to Dr. Christine Hecox, who has a Ph.D. in education, after asking a student if they prefer working alone or working with a group, chances are the child will most likely say he or she would rather work with others. But is taking part in this type of learning style diminishing the development of the individual student? Competitive teaching, also known as individualistic learning is also explained in a video clip on the Teaching Channel by David Olio, a member of the National Education Association; this type of instruction involves students studying alone and completing their own assignments while tests and quizzes measure their progress. On the other hand, some teachers choose to divide their classes up into groups and encourage the…show more content…
Robert and David Johnson, two publish authors and faculty members at the College of Education for the University of Minnesota, stated that when working in groups, there are three ways students will interact with the rest of their team; they can compete to see who is “best” in the group, they can not pay attention to other students and work individually, or they can cooperatively work with the rest of the team while having an interest in the other’s learning styles. Some children become dependent on the work ethic of the other students, causing a decline in the student’s motivation and responsibility to do his or her own work. When grouping multiple students together to perform a shared assignment, more advanced students can take over the majority of the project for the sake of ease and speed. However, this action does not help those struggling to learn and can lead to students relying on others to complete their own work. This outcome can overall diminish their effort in the classroom. Resulting back to the inaccurate individual assessments, sometimes all members receive the same credit despite their unequal efforts, which can cause students to be behind because of the false evaluations. This act clearly can have a negative impact for the students relying on others to do his or her work. Advancing in a class after being credited for work he did not do individually will impact that student’s ability to complete similar assignments by himself in the
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