Negative Effects Of Americanization On America

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Cultures bound everything from food, religion, music, language, clothing, how we socialize and the sports we play. This is what defines people of all different areas of the world. Today America can be considered as a “Mixed Salad”, where immigrants have held onto their own customs as they migrate into our society. We are not a nation of one culture but a nation of cultures combined. The United States has a population of around three hundred million people and is the third largest country in the world. We as a country are considered to be one of the most diverse place in the world. Every part of the world has had some influence on how we do things in America. Foreigners can remember their first experience of America whether it be watching a…show more content…
America is having such an influence on other countries to which countries are adopting our culture and becoming more and more American. Globalization is looked upon to having a tragic side. It can be said to have a negative effect on rich countries by the act of corporations taking jobs to other countries. Other than this principle, globalization is said to have a negative effect due to America pushing its label all over the country. Many different groups and religions such as Islam and China are not happy with this idea of Americanization. These groups are trying to push their brand or even simply keep their traditions and the threat of Americanization is fueling a fire. Samuel Huntington says that “The most dangerous clashes of the future are likely to arise from the interaction of Western arrogance, Islamic intolerance, and sinic assertiveness.”. (258) As America interacts with other cultures, this is sought to create clashes of religion, and economies across the world. People look at this and say that we as a nation are making the world a uniformed place because everyone is obtaining a part of our culture. On the other side people like Pells say “Americas cultural exports are not as important, or as alluring, as they once were.”. (235) The thought behind this is that globalization has enhanced all the different cultures around the world…show more content…
McDonald’s has become a symbol of globalization of American product. Most everyone in the world can recognize the McDonalds logo at first sight. Food has been a center piece to socialization and America has influenced countries to move away from having dinners at home and making fast food places more of a convenience. This is becoming an apparent trend as families are eating out more and always on the go but Food is not the only part of our culture that is rapidly being spread around the

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