Negative Effects Of Advertising On Children

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Advertising can be hurting your child’s way of thinking. Children are far more susceptible because they are unable to understand, distinguish, and educate themselves between the good and the bad advertising in the media. Through television, magazines, movies, and billboards, advertising emphasize their products by targeting, attracting, and influencing young children. As children watch television every day of their life, they see thousands of commercials, being constantly consumed. Whether they are for kids clothing, toys, or fast food, or are advertisements that promote sex and violence, their minds are becoming filled with destructive images that create double standards, making the advertisements seem socially acceptable in society. It 's…show more content…
Young girls are taught oppressive roles where they become limited according to their behavior. For example, in the article, Sex Stereotyping in Children 's Toy Advertisements, the authors claim that "Girls are encouraged to worry about their appearance, while boys are encouraged to develop bodily strength” (Schwartz, L, Markham, William, 1985). This illustrates a prime example of a negative effect advertising has on young children because of the way commercials degrade women, whereas boys are seen as strong, active, and independent. Another example from the article implies “Once a child develops gender constancy, he or she will tend to perform the sex-appropriate behaviors displayed by same-sex models in toy advertising and other media, while avoiding sex-inappropriate behaviors". As a result, this points out how strongly children are affected when they gradually imitate behaviors that the media is promoting. Throughout childhood, advertisements have the ability to target young minds, leaving children accustomed to damaging behaviors. Specifically, ad’s that promote toys obviously target the younger audience in ways that seem gender appropriate. According to the theory about social learning, not only can they learn through direct experience but also can experience by observation of same-sex models which is caused by television exposure. Authors of The Effects of Commercials on Children’s Perceptions of Gender Appropriate Toy Use claim “girls would be more influenced than boys by the commercials” and how “traditional commercials contained images of women as housewives, mothers, and sex objects, or women performing domestic activities, such as sewing” (Pike & Jennings 2005). Therefore, negative effects are far more stronger for girls than boys. Their development through life as well as future ambitions are heavily affected when a woman’s perceptions of

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