Negative Effect of Media on Individuals

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There are two ways that social media can affect us personally. The first of those two ways is by affecting the physical health of the user.
1. Social media promotes weight gain. Sitting in front of a computer screen, or looking at your phone all day, limits the amount of time that could be used to exercise or do something physically active.
a. According to my class survey, more than three-fourths of the class spends around two to two and a half hours per day using social media.
A lot of this time could be reduced to provide an opportunity to do something physically active.
2. Social media also affects our sleeping patterns.
a. Your body’s natural cycle for falling asleep relies heavily on your brain’s production of melatonin, which is a hormone that allows your body to relax enough to be able to fall asleep. Something that slows this production of melatonin is called blue light. Blue light is emitted through both computer and phone screens, so looking a your phones and computers right before bed to check the latest tweets or statuses, something that I personally do and I would bet many of you do as well, messes up your sleeping patterns and ability to fall asleep.
b. One of the biggest problems with lack of sleep is its impact on academic performance. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep affects your ability to perform at a high level.
i. A study done at the University of Minnesota examined the correlation between student’s amounts of sleep and their test scores. The results showed that more sleep the night before lead to higher test scores. ii. Social media can also negatively affect academics as being a distraction. It makes us divide our attention and remove our focus on our work.

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...large part of our society, but with all of the negative effects that it can cause, we need to always think carefully before we post something on social media. We all must be mindful and aware of the fact that anything and everything we put on social media can have a negative impact on not only us but others around us as well.


I. (Signal Ending) As you can see, social media can be harmful and distracting. We have just taken a look at the many negative effects of social media usage, and also the many reasons why improvement needs to be made upon this usage.

II. (Reinforce Central Idea) In today’s society, social media is becoming a constantly increasing influence. By applying the plan that I have just proposed to our everyday lives, I believe we can ensure that the negative effects of this ever-growing influence do not overwhelm and control our lives.
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