Negative Death Penalty

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When it comes to the topic of the death penalty, most of us will readily agree that the death penalty has flaws. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of does the death penalty have a positive effect. Whereas some are convinced that it lowers crime, others maintain that capital punishment is inhumane and should not be used to end someone’s life. My own view is that the death penalty does not reduce crime or murder rates, but increases them. Also, it affects the economy in a negative way, and it is not a humane death but, on the other hand, capital punishment is what gives life value and upholds justice.
In the discussions of capital punishment, one controversial issue over the death penalty is whether it lowers criminal
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They say having capital punishment frightens offenders because they know there is the possibility of getting death row. However, it is simply not true that states that enforce the death penalty have lower crime and murder rates. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, (DPIC), states without the death penalty have had lower murder rates consistently since 1991 all the way to 2011. States that do oblige by the death penalty have a murder rate of 4.89. States that do not enforce capital punishment have a murder rate of 4.13, which is 18 percent less than those states that do enforce capital punishment. Therefore, states that use the death penalty have a higher murder rate than those that do not. When criminals know that they are going to be sentenced to death row their urges to murder increase.…show more content…
Americans today tend to believe that the death penalty is inhumane and if the government kills someone they are decreasing the value of life. Though I concede that capital punishment is not a humane way to die, I also believe that being murdered is an inhumane way to die and the only way to value the life lost is by extracting the person who killed them. People who are murdered do not get to choose if they die or not. However, murderers do get to choose if they want to kill or not. Criminals decide whether they want to end someone’s life and face the consequences. People know the laws, yet people still break them. When a person does not follow the law they are aware that they are going to be punished. If a human being murders then they should have to face the punishment and die themselves. It is the only form of justice that is an equivalent to the crime committed. The New York Times writer, Stanley Marcus, makes a great point by saying, “When a vicious animal attacks a human being, it is quickly destroyed - not for revenge, but simply to protect the public” (New York Times Article Marcus). In other words, capital punishment isn’t enforced just to be spiteful. We need capital punishment to uphold justice and to punish those who have done wrong. It is not
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