Negative Computer Games

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Computer Games Personal computer games refer to the video games which are played on personal computers rather than on arcade machines or video game consoles. The most defining features of these games include a higher degree of user control over the gaming software and hardware and an absence of central controlling ability. Another defining characteristic of the computer games is the increased capacity for input to the pc, processing and consequently the output. People playing computer games are able to interact with objects displayed on the computer screen for the purpose of entertainment. Although there is the entertainment value of computer games, computer games are harmful and do not encourage full brain growth and development in children.…show more content…
Research has shown the absence of stimulation within the frontal lobe, before 20 years of age, barred the neurons from thickening as well as connecting. This consequently impairs the ability of the brain to control impulses like aggression and violence. A highly stimulated as well as highly developed brain is able to control the impulses of violence and aggression. There will be problems experienced with the new generation of children who are on the verge of playing computer games never seen before. The increased volume of computer games of children will have far reaching implications such as an increased aggressive and violent society. The youthful game players are predicted to be engaging in more bad things and will not engage in useful activities, such as learning arithmetic or even reading aloud. If the computer games are the source of mental stimulation for a longer period time when the brain is developing, it could result in an underdeveloped frontal lobe. This would lead to the increasing behavioral problems associated with the underdevelopment of the frontal lobe. Stimulation of the brain’s frontal lobe is a crucial part in production of a chemical called serotonin, which is used to repress impulses in the brain. Effectively stimulating this area of the brain leads to the production of the serotonin chemical, which translates to repression of the…show more content…
Cheryl Olson, a researcher dealing in studies of children and pc games stated that “(Fink). Video games clearly create a common ground that young people can use to make friends”. (Fink) However, there are also other potential benefits. Shawn, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, says that “video games change your brain”. Playing the computer games changes the physical structure of the brain in the same way as map navigation, playing piano and learning. Games bring forth rewarding surges and a power concentration of neurotransmitters such as dopamine which strengthens the neural circuits that build the brain. Although that computer games could help children make friends online, communicating with strangers could be
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