Negative Communication And Interprofessional Communication

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Task 1:
Throughout this paper, I will analyse Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) and how Interprofessional care and collaborative working impacts on providing an effective service. Alongside this I will be reflecting on my learning throughout the IPC module, including team dynamics and obstacles we faced, as well as highlighting areas I need to develop and creating an action plan to reinforce my development needs and shape my future work in practice. Suitable literature will be utilised to support this paper.
IPC is the action of various healthcare professions working collectively to produce and implement positive and beneficial healthcare (Barrett et al., 2005). D’amour et al., (2005) highlight that the care provided for patients can be complex which emphasises the importance for IPC, therefore without Interprofessional working and Multi-Disciplinary teams (MDT) barriers will arise, which restrict the ability
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Effective communication is highlighted as essential for healthcare professionals to meet best practice and to accomplish goals Department of Health (2007). Interprofessional communication enhances patient and family outcomes (Littlechild and Smith, 2013). Poor communication in practice is frequently invoked as the source of catastrophes (Thistlethwaite, 2012), Courtenay and Griffiths (2010) identify that most medication errors occur because of poor communication.
Lastly, the module appears to have accomplished its objective because it has facilitated me to acquire insight into aspects of effective IPC, including determining each professions role, especially in patient care. However, I feel I do not know enough about these roles, which I will use in my personal development. Furthermore, we are all respectful, supportive and value the need for IPC in providing best practice and patient-centred care (Herbert,

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