Negative Aspects of the Feminist Perspective

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Negative Aspects of the Feminist Perspective

Equal opportunity, it's such a standard policy these days. It was originally associated with the feminist movement with the simple intent to establish a level playing field. The 'prima facia' of the phrase is idealistic, and at the least, the perpetual continuation of egalitarianism. Although these are both true, taking a look deeper into the contemporary application of the concept reveals anything but equality.

As a woman, these so-called "feminists" appall me. Independence and success are possible for any person, regardless of gender. But to obtain it, you must take initiative as a human being—with all your personal strengths and weaknesses. But to some feminists, a whole new perspective is taken. When they represent the ideals of women in general, in reality, the only persons they are representing are "excuse makers". The irony in their whole pledge against prejudices is the approach they take. In en effort to not admit biological differences between the sexes, they demand the opportunity to partake in anything. Th...
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