Needs Assessment Pertaining to Pro Specialties Group

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OVERVIEW Our team decided to choose to evaluate the needs assessment pertaining to Pro Specialties Group. In regards to improving the team structure, we have narrowed our discussion down to two areas: Structure and Compelling Direction. We will make suggestions on how the two areas can be revamped from a team perspective, resulting in the divisions of Pro Specialties Group to work together, grow together, and inspire each other. Ideally, after implementing these suggestions as well as others, the departments will work better together, the artists will function as a unit, money will be saved, production will improve, and profits will rise. STRUCTURE The art department team at PSG has a strong structure; their duties are clearly defined for them. Each team member knows specifically what sales rep they’re responsible for, deadlines, and the manner in which sales representative desires their particular art work. Each artist has the power to make decisions regarding their own work and standards. Each artist has been with the company for a lengthy amount of time therefore allowing for greater cohesion of the team overall. The art department is familiar with each other, the sales representatives, clients/teams, and confident in the ability to maintain a high standard of excellence. The structure currently in place proves to get the job done, yet the question is: Are they getting the job done efficiently? The structure of PSG is stable but not yet sturdy. The area that would make this organization sturdy would be better communication and more unity among the divisions. To accomplish these tasks, experience, discussion, interpretation, and the transfer of ideas, must be established. The organization needs to begin with bringing sales and artist teams together with weekly or daily meetings; this can create better unity among the separate divisions and begin creating better communication. The next step that will follow is the growing unity of the team leading to greater efficiency and a more positive work environment. This opportunity for greater team work and more unity will lead to bigger and better things among the whole organization including greater employee retention. Finally, the idea for group meetings to help with communication and unity would create more understanding of what goes on with in each division and a better understanding of what each person does. As a result, allowing everyone to get to know each other better. This also is an excellent opportunity for less animosity and better understanding of each other.

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