Need For EDCC (Edmonds Community College) to Provide More Resources to Students

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School resources are so important for students to study. Especially for international students because all of these students leave their hometown come to America to study, and most of them will spend much time in school. School seems like a home for international students. Because of this, school resources are the important step for students feel happy and comfortable to stay in school. In our college, I don’t think EDCC has enough resources to provide for the students. There are three points to support my argument.

First of all, there are no enough parking spaces for students to use in Edmonds Community College (EDCC). In EDCC, there are “683 international students were enrolled; there was a 32% increase in enrollment of new international students over the previous year.”(EDCC), so EDCC decided to build a new dorm for more students to live. After this, finding parking seems like a nightmare for students every single day. This is because when “The Board has authorized the College to enter into an agreement to build and manage a new dormitory.”(EDCC), the college took out most of the parking spaces for the new building which can help the college “increase the international enrollment number from 800 to 1,000 students” (EDCC). It makes EDCC parking lots have non-enough parking for students, so every morning, and the college carpool like a battlefield for students who fight for the parking. Even through, EDCC has a lot off campus parking for students, no too much students will park there even they cannot find the parking in campus. This is because the off campus is far from the college, and students need to take routes 112, 115, 116, 190 or 118 back to the college after parking (EDCC Parking). Compare with other college parking,

Second, EDCC gym room is always unavailable for students to use. For international students, gym room is so important because most of them want to keep healthy for study well, so they will use their free time to exercise. Especially, during these times, many people got flu, and Regular exercise may help reduce the misery of the flu by boosting the immune system’s response to the virus, a study in mice hints(Regular exercise may help battle the flu), so we have to do more exercises to keep healthy for protect our body. Unfortunately, the college gym always has class and practice, from the gym schedule, there are almost is available for students to use.

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