Need And Happiness Essay

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1. I think what makes people happy are basically the ability to interact with their fellow human beings. People always need someone to turn to and share either the problems they are facing or the happy moment they are going through. Another source of happiness is to feel been loved. Love can be a fundamental aspect in human’s life because without love people always feel less secured and stressed. Most importantly health is what determines ones happiness because without good health one cannot be active and might be in great pain which makes the person have nothing to be happy about. If a person health condition is very bad it creates a sad environment not only to him/her but even the people
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A society with poor background could live happily despite of their low standard of living. A wealthy society could also live happily but may also be hindered by some issues like their social interactions and poor health. Wealthy people always find hard to improve their social life because of their busy lives compared to those who are poor who have the time to interact with others. Charity works are mostly dominated by rich people and giving for charity is good way of getting happiness. In both societies happiness can be archived depending on how one finds his source of happiness. Most importantly having the basic needs like food, shelter, clothes and feeling secured is a significant things that human beings need in their lives. Love, fame and financial well-being could also determine ones happiness. I think human beings should find their happiness from their fellow human beings. Every person needs each other to live happily. These can only be attained by how good a person can connect with another person. It is not healthy to live on your own and do things on your own because to live like a human being and archive your goals depends majorly on how much you interact with…show more content…
His/her social life will be very poor and will not have time to interact with people. A child might also experience nightmares in his/her sleep from the horrific movies he watches or games he plays every day. 3. Defense mechanism is how human being defend themselves from unwanted emotions or behaviors. In perfect society can be still be useful because some of these defense mechanism is very common in human beings and can still be used even in happy society. People usually face anxiety in their daily lives. For example the defense mechanism of sublimation which is to get rid of unacceptable impulses by converting these behaviors into a more acceptable form. This form of defense mechanism can be encouraging even in happy societies because it will develop a persons to be less
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