Necessity Of Abortion Essay

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The Necessity of Legal Abortion Legal abortion is rapidly becoming a highly contestable topic due to the rising availability of abortion technologies. However, as the legality of the process is tightly interlinked to the struggle between the morality of killing an unborn foetus and that of the mother's right to life, it is often extremely hard to distinguish the more morally permissible path. This essay aims to generalise that the loss of legal backing to abortions would significantly impact and jeopardize the mother’s choices and situation. Firstly, the legalisation of abortion is heavily dependent on the fact that the mother’s right to life outweighs the foetus’ right to life. We should start by assuming that both mother and foetus have an equal right to life. If this is the case, then a foetus – a potential person – is entitled to its own right or passage to life. Therefore, by robbing its right to reach its full potential of biological capacity would be a violation to its’ right to life. (CITATIONHERE) Thus, abortion would be the destruction of a potential life, which would raises concerns such as the unjust nature of the crime and the fact that it is morally impermissible to kill an innocent being. On the other hand, a mothers’ right to life is based upon the right to bodily autonomy, self-defence, and property rights. Not only is a mother entitled to what happens to her body, but also the foetus inside her. Thus, a baby, which is also considered as an “innocent aggressor” should be considered as negligible, as ultimately, it should be the mother, not the law that determines her right to her own bodily autonomy. Self-defence is critical in the argument for the mother’s right to life and emphasises the critical need for le... ... middle of paper ... ...ble to terminate if harm comes to the mother. This is without recognising though, that the mother’s right to life may not always be transgressed upon and repressed by a child. In such cases where it is not life threatening and essential to abort the foetus such as one where the mother is not at risk, the foetus would be compromised and robbed of it’s right to life which could possibly perpetuate immoral abortions that stem from unjustified killings. Ultimately, the argument for the legality of abortions is supported by its advocation of choice and recognition of the mother’s ability to exercise her right to self-defence and bodily autonomy. In order to maintain societal morality, there should be a recognition of the justification behind any abortion – however, the option should logically always remain readily available to any mother to ensure her right to life.
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