Near-Death Experiences

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Near-Death Experiences The near-death experience further depicts the ongoing debate between science and religion. While the near-death experience is definitely biology-based, many individuals associate it with a religious phenomenon. A neurobiological model of the near-experience consists of a "perception of separation from the body" (1). One can sense "moving through a dark space or tunnel" (2). Another feature is hallucinations such as "God as light" and angels (1). Some individuals also claim to hear noises at the beginning of the near-death experience and later encounter "mystical states" which are often peaceful (1). Near-death experiences can be described as an "altered state of consciousness" due to neuronal activity (1). A "dissociative" drug, ketamine induces the near-death experience and "profound religious experiences" due to mechanisms at the "mind-brain interface" (1-McGuire et al., 1995). Near-death experiences arise from the a blockage of the neurotransmitter, glutamate, by N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (1). A surge of glutamate, which overactivates N-met...

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