Neanderthals And The Primate Order

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For centuries Homo sapiens have been considered the most unique species in the primate order. Researchers have shown that Homo sapiens are not the most unique in the homo genus, there have been ancestors that have the same traits that many people consider unique to human. One of these traits is the ability to walk bipedal, which no other primate can do well. It is difficult to state which of the ancestors were the first “humans”, but through various evidence, it can be determined that the Homo neanderthalensis or Neanderthal, were the first to show signs of being human. Like most species in the Homo genus, the Neanderthals were bipedal. Being bipedal isn’t the main reason as to why Neanderthals are the first humans but it is one of the most important ones. Neanderthals shared many bipedal characteristics that are similar to Homo sapiens but they had modifications that were adjusted to their environment. Both of them have a bowl shaped pelvis, which is a critical part to bipedal locomotion, but the pelvis of the Neanderthal was much wider. Neanderthals had a short trunk and short leg bones, while their hip joint and ankle joint were much larger. Homo sapiens had a longer trunk and longer leg bones. The environment of these two species is very opposite, and it was through natural selection that randomly gave some of them favorable traits and therefore they were the one that most likely survived and reproduce keeping the favorable trait and passing it off into their offspring. An ancestor of the Neanderthal, is assumed to have moved into the region, which was populated by Neanderthals, and randomly a few of those individuals gained the favorable trait allowing them to survive and reproduce as their offspring gained the favorable tr... ... middle of paper ... tools which they used for different things but Neanderthals created tools and it showed they had a lot more critical thinking than what most people taught. The tools they made can be seen as just things that are used to make someone’s life a little bit easier but in fact the tools were a part of a social bonding in Neanderthals as those tools would likely be used in group activities. Burials are another thing that make Neanderthals the first humans because it shows that they had a form of culture and it also showed that they felt a significant loss when someone died and burying it was then understood as a form of conservation of that person. Homo sapiens observed and began to better the things that Neanderthals did eventually leading for both species to interbreed as the Neanderthals would slowly become extinct but it would lead to the evolution of what is human.

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