Neactar In A Seive

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In the book Nectar in a sieve , by Kalmala Markandaya. There are intentended effects that are upon the reader . throught out the reader feels a great sorww and understanding for the characters . by exploring the ways one can find strengths even in hardest time . Neacter in a sieve teaches the reader the need of family unity . and because of family unity one can find strengths even in the worst of time.

In the book Nectar in sieve teaches us a lot of things is strong , but one of the most easily seen his how the family were able to stick together ,even through the hard times. Through the times of drought which was the hardest times ,even though teo of the sons died they did what they could to , for there family even if it meant stuffer for me. Which both sons did till they died. When Rukmani and her family had a terrible time with the bad season for farming and lack of food, they do not try to do anything to solve their problem. Instead they just thought times will be better soon even though they know it is not possible.Times are not be better for many months. Meanwhile you will suffer and die, you meek suffering fools. Why can't you people cry out for help?? (Markandaya Nectar In a sieve, pg. 48) No matter how many times Kenny told them to beg for help but still they never listened. Most people in India starved and died,

Lawino has never been to school because she is a girl and girls were not suppose to go to school. They are supposed to learn to be good wives to their husbands. Mothers educated their daughters about cooking cleaning and etc. Lawino only learnt from her mother. Her mother only trained her the ways of the Acoli. She does not know how to cook on the electric stoves, but only the Acoli stoves. She doesn't know how to dance the white mans dance but only the Acoli dances. She doesn't know how to tell time but only knows it by instinct. And because she does not know the western way she cannot understand the western culture. Her husband Ocol thinks that Lawino is like a small dog, a puppy. He compares her to a puppy because a puppy is fragile and young and does not know anything much.