Nazi Eugenics and Mass Murder

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Adolf Hitler was the Nazi dictator known for the death toll of six million Jews in Germany. Hitler believed he could create the master race by the use of eugenics. Eugenics can be described as the improvement of hereditary traits by the reproduction of more desired people’s traits. Before Hitler could be brought down, he had managed to produce 42,000 pure Aryan children with blond hair and blue eyes. However, Hitler’s means of producing these children proved to be ruthless and atrocious. Hitler’s use of eugenics and hatred of the Jews progressed throughout his dictatorship from eugenics and breeding programs to euthanasia and from euthanasia to deportation and finally, one of the largest mass murders known in history- - the Holocaust, during World War II.
Hitler ruled Germany from 1933-1945. According to Mark Grimsley’s, . . . Hitler Had Not Come to Power? article, Hitler’s entrance as the ruler of Germany can be linked to Baron Franz von Papen, former chancellor. Papen foolishly believed once he helped Hitler into office that Hitler would look to him for guidance. Papen “detested” Kurt von Schleicher, the current chancellor; therefore, Papen and Hitler derived a plan for Hitler to take over chancellorship, which would eventually lead to Hitler’s dictatorship of Germany. Papen’s plan was for him and Hitler to achieve power together. Hitler and Papen’s plan depended on removing Schleicher as chancellor. Because Paul von Hindenburg, president and head of state, disapproved of Schleicher for failing to stabilize the government, he agreed to listen to Papen’s plan to ally Hitler’s Nazi Party and the German National People’s Party. However, Hindenburg disapproved the proposal of Hitler to chancellor because he thought Hit...

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...ver Germany. Hitler had no conscience and had the blood of millions of people on his hands. The euthanasia programs, the Holocaust, and World War II death tolls are all because of one man - - Adolf Hitler. Hitler believed he could produce a master race; therefore, he killed. Hitler hated Jews; therefore, he killed. Hitler ultimately wanted to rule the world; therefore, he killed. In the end, Hitler took the easy way out for his actions and killed the only person deserving in the years of his reign - - himself! Hitler manipulated his way into office and then set out to do what he had intended all along, be a ruthless and evil dictator. Hitler progressed his atrocious acts over the course of his tenure from eugenics and breeding programs to euthanasia and from euthanasia to deportation and ultimately one of the largest mass murders of all time—the Holocaust!
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