Nature vs Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

What makes a woman a woman and a man a man? Are we who we are because we are raised differently from others? Many of our physical traits such as gender, skin colour and blood group are rather straightforward in that they are directly attributed to our genes which have been mapped out in recent years. However, certain human traits remains a biological mystery. These traits have been studied on the "outside" but whose "inside" origins remain unclear. Such "mysterious" traits can be anything like intelligence, athletic ability, skin tone and muscle mass. They are traits that some claim to be acquired later in life.

One such trait, which has brought about much political, religious and social sensitivity, is that of sexual orientation. Is homosexuality a choice or a result of nature due to distant fathers? The famous philosopher Aristotle once said, "nature does nothing without a purpose". Many people are inclined towards this belief and try to come up with many social justifications. One popular theory often cited is that a weak father may cause gender confusion ...

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