Nature versus Technology in Michel Montaigne's 'On Cannibalism'

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Nature versus Technology in Michel Montaigne's 'On Cannibalism' The ideas expressed in Michel Montaigne's 'On Cannibalism' are still greatly valid in today's society. Technology has made life easier, and as the saying goes, 'The more you have, the more you'll want.' We are a fast-paced society that does not give much thought to the world around us. Not only do we not seem to notice the beauty of nature, but we have started destroying it without a second thought. I am living in a society that does not place great emphasis on the marvelous works of nature. Until very recently, I had never seen the sun rise. I have become accustomed to waking each morning to the sound of the alarm clock, turning on the television to find out the weather, and getting dressed in my air-conditioned, electrically lit house. There is absolutely no need to step outside and feel the temperature, or to raise the blinds for light. By the time I leave my house to rush to my car, the sun is already up and shining. People may say that isn't such a bad thing. They rather enjoy the comforts that technology offers. I mean, what good would it do to get up early just to sit on the porch and watch the sky turn colors? I have found that at this particular time, when the sky transforms to the most brilliant shades of pink and purple and melding into radiant hues of orange, peace and inspiration seem to flood through me. It's during the early hours of the morning that I can get true perspective of exactly how small we all are. No matter how technologically advanced we ever get, we can never match the wonders of a sunrise. That is something we can't imitate or change. It's beyond all our understanding and reason. It used to be that children were content playing outdoors, enjoying nature the way it was intended. But as times have gotten more technologically advanced, all they want is the newest playstation game or the fastest remote-control car. No one is satisfied with simple things anymore. It is considered inconvenient to have to do anything for yourself or without some gadget. Our society has become so dependent on technology, we would probably be unable to function without it now. Not all that long ago, when my mom was a little girl, she didn't have all the modern technology we now have. She had to rise in the morning with the sun, walk to school, and let the wind cool her house. This now seems like an unbearable situation, but she does have a

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