Nature of Man

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Karl Marx believed in no such thing as the nature of man, in fact he described a person at birth as being a blank sheet of paper on which culture writes its text (Fromm, 1961, Chapter 4). Naturalism, like Marx, seems to say that man is indeed a product of his environment (Keathley, 2007, letter C), factor in evolution, man is just a highly evolved animal where thoughts are considered chemical processes that respond to an external stimuli (Keathley, 2007, bullet point C1).
This line of thought then takes away man’s free will where blame for wrongdoing is then cast upon personal circumstance rather than conscience (Keathley, 2007, bullet point C1). Simply put, naturalism reduces man to a mere machine where personality is considered a combination of both chemical and physical reactions that are not fully understood (Sire, 2009, p. 97). The thought of man being just a machine without cause for existence is truly sobering; certainly this is not what God intended.
God’s intent for man or mankind for that matter is to be created or modeled after him; certainly we are not God himself but we are a reproduction of him (Staub, 2013, para. 3). Knowing that we are a reproduction of the Creator one must examine the ways in which we are Godlike (Staub, 2013, para. 5). The book of Genesis shows that God is creative; he created the heavens and the earth and as such all humans have the potential to create whether they be complex works of art or dinner (Staub, 2013, para. 6). God is also spirit and so are humans, yet our spiritual nature is shrouded by our flesh, we are more than meets the eye, this fact does not take away from our spiritual nature, it is very real, and very part of our physical nature (Staub, 2013, para. 6). God also commu...

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...d comparing the two, it does not get any simpler.
As dismal a belief as naturalism sounds it still exists in many forms, even in people I know. God gave us the truth in the written word of the Bible, this is what I believe and know to be true in my spirit. The naturalists cannot take away my spirit, no matter what evidence is presented for or against theism and Christianity.

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