Nature of Identity

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The Fragility (or Nature) of Identity
An entire lifetime is spent constructing ones identity; moulding it, nourishing it, and even butchering it. The idea of having an identity pleases most of us, as we regard it as something of significance which aids in our understanding of who we are. One’s identity is usually a collection of beliefs about oneself; a self-concept that includes elements such as religion, sexuality, ones role in society and is generally thought to embody the answer to “Who am I?” One’s identity is constantly weakened as well as strengthened with the events that occur in one’s life, both external and internal. The statement, “I know who I am” is arrived at through complex understandings of one’s sense of being and a deep need to be aligned with the universe. The concept of identity is simply a process of clarifying and balancing our internal expressions. This essay intrigued me from the very beginning and got me thinking about the process of writing it. I knew it was going to be a challenge for me because I have never written an essay of this nature, nevertheless I was excited to be able to express my thoughts as I was writing. I began to write my introduction keeping in mind that I didn’t want to get into the specifics of what my essay will be covering. Starting with general points, I first decided to express what exactly identity is and how I interpret it. I also wanted my thesis to be direct and to the point, giving the reader a clear idea of what to expect without exposing too much. The introduction is essential in creating an impression upon the reader, engaging them in what it is that you want to discuss, and why they should show interest.
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... now. I reread my essay and again I notice repetition of ideas and words, something I am not happy about, however they are salient in getting my ideas across to the reader. My attempt at writing the most profound essay in my life thus far was extremely challenging. I don’t know if I succeeded but I did put a lot of effort into writing it to the best of my abilities. I hope this essay clearly delivers my intended message without too much confusion. I enjoyed writing an essay of this nature; the meta-cognitive aspect of it was, surprisingly, extremely helpful in organizing my thoughts and served as a diary. I would love to write all my essays in this format, it would keep me sane while writing ridiculously long essays. It’s late, and I have a long day ahead of me the next day. I will reread my essay one last time, save it and email it to Mr. McGuire once I am done.

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