Nature of Discipleship and St Mark's Gospel

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Nature of Discipleship and St Mark's Gospel

Before I can even begin this piece of coursework I need to establish

the facts of discipleship. Discipleship means to learn and follow in

God's footsteps. It comes from the Latin word ' disciplus' that means

learner. In a Christians view Jesus Christ will always be the best

role model of discipleship. We as Christians must follow his life

style and show in our actions we are willing to care and share, just

as Jesus did.

Saint Mark's Gospel shows us the way to be a follower of Christ. There

are 'conditions' of discipleship, the things we have to do to become

true disciples. For many Christians today they find it difficult

because they may have family responsibilities. Also society has

changed and money is needed, some people can't rely on charity alone,

as people are more materialistic. They need there 'home comforts'.

They feel they can't survive on the love of God alone.

In Mark's Gospel we are told that Jesus said that a disciple is anyone

who "does what God wants them to do". This simply means that if we put

the word of God into action we will be accepted into God's family.

While some Christians think discipleship is 'costly', you need to bear

in mind the reward of being a true disciple. Eternal life in Heaven.

Heaven is priceless. You also get the reward of emotional, spiritual

satisfaction and fulfilment from leading a good honest life. This is

something you could never feel if you were a person who cheated

throughout your life.

The 12 disciples were ordinary people who Jesus asked to follow him;

it may seem strange that Jesus did not pick any particular person.

This is emphazing again that anyone can be a disciple. Jesus only

chose four fishermen to be his most loyal companions who would be

prepared to die, suffer, be rejected and go to prison. The 12 had to

be prepared to suffer and die- they were to forget self, carry their

cross and follow him.
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