Nature depicted in Walden, by Henry David Thoreau

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The excerpt from Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden takes us through Thoreau’s extended mystical experience as he attempts to discover how to live with the guidance and observance of Nature. In this excerpt he cherishes Nature and its elements. Thoreau’s primary motive behind moving to the woods near Walden Pond is to understand what it is to live. To him Nature sort of sets out a path to the comprehension of life. On this “path” created by Nature, one is taught to be simple so that there will be minimal complication present. He also paints Nature as a gentle entity, saying that it is both innocent and beneficial. Thoreau depicts Nature as not only a guide to learning how to live but also an active example of what living should be like. In my opinion Thoreau shows nature as a primary affecter on life. In addition to this we see that Nature not only affects human life, but is also affected by human life. So in a sense the two are interdependent of one another. One example is when he describes the way men, or humans, exit their sense of discontent as the winter days leave and the sprin...

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