Nature, Water Pollution And Noise Pollution

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Nature and human are inseparable. However, the environment is diversified from the natural environment that exists before as it is polluted by human. Pollution occur when the environment is contaminated by unwanted and harmful substances. It can be classified into three categories, which are air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first type of pollution is air pollution. Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by harmful amount of gases, dust and fumes. Seaton, MacNee, Donaldson and Godden (1995) explains that "air pollution is being measured by the mass of particles that pass through a size-selective orifice with a 50% collection efficiency cut-off a 10μm aerodynamic diameter…show more content…
People need to be aware of the harmful effects of polluted water. They need to be educated to promote a proper waste disposing method. Hygienic facilities should be provide to avoid sewage problem. Implementation of environmental laws are important and effective to control the discharged of chemicals into the rivers, seas, and lakes by factories. Another type of pollution is noise pollution. Noise pollution arise when there are excessive amount of noise or unpleasant sound that cause changeable disruption in the natural balance. It can be measured by using the Sound Level Meter. The dB(A) is the most common measurement of environmental noise. Impulsive noise and transient noise are the examples of noise pollutants. However, noise pollution is difficult to determine because the act levels among different society and type of noise vary considerably. The main cause of noise pollution arise from human activities. The common sources of noise that transmitted regularly into the air includes jet planes, construction equipment, garbage trucks, road traffic, manufacturing process and lawn mowers (Singh and Davar, 2004). The effect of noise pollution is mostly on human health. Noise pollution result in hearing problem, sleeping disorder and hypertension. Like all other pollution, noise pollution need to be controlled by taking the following measures at receiver’s

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