Nature Vs. Nurture With The Bad Apple Theory

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The subject of the Duke Brothers’ wager about nature/nurture with the bad apple theory, contrast with each other in terms of their foundation in the concept. In the Duke Brothers’ wage about nature/nurture are the two owners of a stock company bet on nature vs. nurture. They fire their managing director (Louis Winthorpe III) with high society upbringing and higher education and place him on the streets homeless and penniless. They then take a con artist (Billy Ray Valentine) off of the streets and place him in Winthorpe 's job and home. The origin of the bet is nature vs nurture: nature being that Winthorpe will take to crime, and that Valentine will succeed, nurture that Winthorpe will not turn to crime and continue being honest and Valentine…show more content…
The best solution in the trading places for all parties is unethical, but in terms of practical it is in the best interest of the subject the people that got hurt throughout the movie had to come out on top. The bad would have been if the employees got caught with insider trading because they had done something illegal. The bad apple says managers should be looking for the bad apples from their employees, but does not state if the managers are the bad apples themselves. One of the Dukes Brothers who thought nurture is a controlling factor in a person’s success is only part of the equation they need nature because if not the individual can easily turn to a bad apple from just nurture from the fact that their environment has changed. In the virtue perspective, the bad apple theory explains that people come with a predisposition to behave ethically or unethically. In trading places, Valentine and Winthrope both came into the business acting ethically. The change from their behavior from ethical to unethical was due to the behavior of their superiors. They were turned into unethical behavior by the bad work environment with their bosses. The theory in turn is very similar to the subject of trading places because the subject portrays how good people in their own way can turn into bad people it terms of doing the right

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