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Nature vs. Nurture is the long lasting debate about whether people inherit their personality traits from their parents or if they are developed through their environment. Neither position has been proven because it is hard to find solid, irrefutable, scientific evidence to support either one. Nature vs. Nurture can deal with many aspects of a person’s personality, such as intelligence and how a person is able to be as smart as they are. Intelligence is something that can be inherited, just as people inherit physical characteristics. However, some feel that children are raised to be intelligent, and that kids cannot inherit something that is not visible or tangible. Maternal twins are a good study of Nature vs. Nurture, because they can exhibit signs of similarity like nature would suggest, or be completely different just like nurture would imply. Children who are raised in troubled or affluent families are also a good study of Nature vs. Nurture because both cases can produce children that exhibit signs of nature or nurture. In addition, there are many other examples of Nature vs. Nurture; many of them ranging from mental health, birth order, and addictions. Nature vs. Nurture can be hard to spot in commonplace situations. However, there is one type of study, which is the embodiment of Nature vs. Nurture. Maternal twins are a very good example because they can exhibit distinct signs of nature, nurture, or both. Twins who were separated at birth are an even better example for the reason that they have no common ground other than their biological parents. The twins, who were separated, could be very similar in the way that they dress, carry themselves, act, and most importantly, how they value education. Those person... ... middle of paper ... ... their merits but neither one can be proved. When they are put side by side, they more or less contradict each other because each one says the exact opposite. Although both of them can be plausible, it is nearly impossible to scientifically prove either one. No one knows if there is an intelligence gene because the human genome is not something that is completely understood. Nurture cannot be proven either because of the fact that not all parents are as involved as the next. They all might be involved to a certain extent, but it cannot be scientifically proven that a certain amount of involvement will guarantee success. With daily ongoing research, perhaps soon there will be a more definite answer as to which topic is the most sensible. However, as previously stated, there is too much contradicting evidence at this point for scientists to make a decision.

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